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About Us

We are an automotive training institute that screen’s and trains candidates.

Our sales division has taken the principal and unique initiative of educating passionate students on industry trends in their individual capacity. Our expert management that have years of experience, passion and networking skills, have designed a training program to launch your career in the automobile industry. Anyone with a shared interest of communication, sales and marketing, knack for learning as well as passion for automobiles, can be the best car expert. Our management provides best of training programmes on various auto sales disciplines.

Training Program


  • Induction
  • Sales Process
  • Basic Auto Technology
  • Lead Management
  • Dealership Management
  • Onjob Training


  • Modren automotive technology & safety operations
  • Onjob Training(OJT - PRODUCT DEMO)


Gender : Male Female

Course Applied For : Beginner Advanced

Our Process



Read through our FAQ and determine if this is the right path for you.

Complete our online application. We review your information and make sure you meet the requirements.



Begin your day with our training course to help launch your automotive career.

Complete your training and review any additional questions you may have.



We help identify the dealership that will best work with your personality, ability and proximity to your home.



How is our company different from other staffing and training companies you have used in the past?

The difference between us and the rest of the companies is in our unique screening and training process. Sales professional are not easy to find and even harder to train. We also seek out people that have had no automotive experience and start from scratch. No bad habits, complaints or outdated training. This concept allows us to deliver the new and updated set of sales professional that dealers dream about.

What is your process?

After years of placing ads in the automobile industry we understand the process and frustrations dealers have with finding the right candidates. So we focus on the following areas to streamline the hiring process.


We place ads throughout various sources and drive traffic to our website and have our students read through our website and complete process of the company. After reading through, we have them complete our Registration Form. These two steps help eliminate candidates that cannot meet standards set by almost every dealership in the state. Take a look at the FAQ and the Registration Form to see the questions we walk our students through. We also review important areas such as anticipated schedules, culture and structure and pay plans to eliminate the stress of hiring a candidate without an understanding of their expectations.


Our training program focuses on the important areas that are relevant with today's consumers with the basic and modern fundamentals of selling. We don't discuss outdated concepts that other training companies continue to push but also let the participant get the complete touch and feel of the actual product which he/she would have been trained on. Take a look at the areas we train by visiting our Training Program structure.


After completing a dedicated screening and training process, we then immediately wasting no time out there match our students with dealers based on proximity to the dealership along with other requirements set by our participating dealers. This helps our dealers interview qualified candidates that have already been screened for employment.

What are the costs?

There is no cost to interview our students; a minimum fee is only incurred once you decide to hire one of our candidates. This allows you to interview our students with no risk or commitment. Contact us to review the fee structure of our students, if you decide to hire them.


Please take a moment to read through these questions.

How much does the training cost me?

Please refer the contact us structure for the enquiry form and further clarifications.

Do I need to have a sales background or automobile experience?

No. Some of our most successful students and top performers have had no previous sales or automotive experience. The automobile industry is about making connections with people and cultivating relationships.

What are the educational requirements?

Candidates should have a minimum qualification of a full time diploma or equivalent. However, having a Graduation or Post graduation may help secure management positions at a faster pace.

What does your training cover compared to other staffing and training companies?

All the important areas to help students succeed in today's competitive market. Please refer the Training Program structure to review the topics we cover.

How long is the training and where do I go?

We offer 12 days of intensive training. As per the scheduled Batch.

Why do I need your training? Can't I just apply direct at a dealership?

Our training and education prepares our students to interact with customers from day one, eliminating the confusion or frustration associated with starting a new career. We also discuss other elements with our students such as culture, structure and expectations to help provide a clear picture of the industry without them having setting foot at a dealership. While you certainly can apply direct at a dealership, most dealers simply don't have the time or resources to provide the necessary training and education to new hires.

What type of income can I expect to make?

You can expect to make between ₹ 30,000-50,000 average in a month. These are based on averages and we have consultants that earn more or less based on their individual capacity.

What are some future advancement opportunities that I can look forward to?

The future opportunities offer accelerated management positions that can be very rewarding. Most successful sales consultants can progress to mid level management in as short as a year. These positions can offer income ranges of ₹ 50,000 to 80,000 a month. Cultivating additional skills can further advance you to upper management positions which offer even higher income potential.

I am already in the automobile industry. What can you do for me?

We are always pleased to offer a Advance training and place the existing/experienced automotive employees who are striving really hard for quite some time, in one of the top most premium dealerships in the industry.


What is Rhodium Power training & placement services?

We are an automotive training institute that screen’s and trains candidates.

I'm ready to start, what do I do next?

We ask our Dealers to complete a short contact form and answer some basic questions so we can better serve you. Thank you for your enquiry and we look forward, working with you soon.

Call Us at : +91-9900888007