Scam Defense

There are some alleged scams that have caused widespread destruction in the world and have substantially affected the automobile industry. Unscrupulous people create scams in various ways and forms. You can prevent yourself from falling a victim to such scams by appropriately knowing what to look for. Through our deep endeavor, we are enlightening people on different types of scams and measures to undertake for preventing themselves during different phases of trading process.

The various types of scam defence include:
1. False Enquiry Scams

Scammers in subtle and manipulative ways play dodgy tricks and pretend to be buyers. Buyer scams in various ways and most commonly by posing legitimate questions to gain credibility in seller's eyes. He carefully uses multiple opportunities to pose himself as a genuine buyer. By making false enquires fraudsters have extensively affected the sellers.

One of the trickiest and most wicked way to trap the sellers is to offer supplementary amount or more than the tagged price. The seller determines this to be the service charge, insurance and custom duty expenses, quick delivery charge and shipping cost. To enable spontaneous and quick deals scammers often show interest in paying more.

However, sellers can identify the buyers credibility and legitimacy by offering back the additional money through online transfer. If the money fails to transfer, one can easily detect the fraud. Sellers can avoid these scams by being cautious and consistently keeping a check on buyers dealings.

Ways to avoid these scams+

Be suspicious of prospective buyers and the proof notifications they send using online services. Scammers carry out fraudulent transactions by sending payment proofs money transfer number as evidence. But such malicious spams are not reliable and should not be considered as genuine proofs.

One must authenticate the intended recipient by personally verifying and checking if the amount is actually credited in your account. Avoid domestic and inter-state money orders. Always try accepting payments through reliable ways and means.

Avoid taking immediate and hasty decisions when buyers offer some kind of interesting deals that may indeed result in heavy losses.

2. Payment Scams

Sellers process false scams for deceiving buyers and steal their money using inappropriate techniques. Bogus sellers make money in unsolicited ways. They create some exciting and profitable deals, and ask you to pay upfront. Few of the common scams include paying some advance-fees on latest motorcycles, offering it for extremely cheap price, giving it for one-month trial and repeatedly advertising the product. Such rewarding deals may turn out to be fraudulent and cause financial losses.

These scams influence buyers and make them desperate to pay instantly. Avoid transferring money to any of the domestic and overseas bank accounts without knowing the origin of the seller. In case of any doubt the buyer must immediately close all the related links. One must be aware of such common scams and avoid being taken away by it.

What can you do to avoid these scams?+

Shoppers should avoid wiring money and confine themselves to familiar payment systems. Don't disclose your financial information unless you know the person personally or receive a confirmation receipt from them. To avoid becoming a victim, all the details provided should be reviewed and checked thoroughly. Domestic and international transfer service should be highly avoided for sending money. Recognizing common scams is one of the important measures recommended for being safe.

Impersonating someone's identity online and proving to have a stamp of approval are effortless tasks for scammers. Make sure you have guaranteed security against such frauds. The official documents of the dealers should be cross verified before considering them reliable or trustworthy. Beware of scammers by scrutinizing all the possible details and consistently verifying the information provided by them.

Pre-inspection helps the buyers and sellers to know each other personally and check if they are legitimate. You can also be certain whether the product is in a good working condition.

A comparative study on the features listed is always advisable as it will help you understand if the product and features are genuine. In case of any discrepancy or falsity in the listings, the postings are immediately removed from the websites.

Buyer Safety

We are enumerating a list of steps that will help you understand scams and techniques to identify scammers:

Searching the Rhodium Power network+

Be aware when scammers mislead you by offering items below its actual intrinsic value. They device tricks and misrepresent themselves to captivate purchasers and steal their money.

Contacting the seller+

Contact details are legally essential for building faith and proving one's legitimacy.

Make sure that you are provided with appropriate contact information by the seller. Keenly verify these details given by them.

Buyers should ask more queries related to the product and contact information as it helps to identify the unknown.

A genuine seller will perfectly and honestly disclose all the information.

Inquiring more will help you discover facts and make better decisions.

Inspecting the item+

An inspection program helps you minimize risks and benefits both the parties.

You should quantify sellers and check if the motorcycle is reaching the specification limits.

Buyers must investigate and judge the legitimacy of sellers by personally meeting them.

Prevent yourself from future money losses by receiving stamped receipts for any deposits made.

Making a deal+

Check the insurance and history of the motorcycle.

Negotiate with the seller and motivate him to offer the best price.

Make sure you receive all the official documents of the motorcycle. We help you recover the previous records of the vehicle like if it was stolen, has finance owing to it etc.

Paying the seller+

Keep a summary of all the deposits made earlier and other cash transactions. An accurate record of all these monetary transactions can be used as proofs when required.

Make sure the seller issues a payment receipt that specifies the amount paid and a written acknowledgment by mail.

Do not exchange funds by mail or other money transfer services.

Constantly keep checking our scam updates as it will help you understand sellers better and prevent yourself from online frauds.

Seller Safety

Our simple steps will help you identify genuine buyers and process your online sales in a much safer and secured manner.

Creating your ad+

Use safety measures to prevent your accounts from being hacked like creating strong passwords and repeatedly verifying buyer's legitimacy.

Make sure you advertise accurate features and appropriate information about your products.

Deciding the selling price+

Browse through our Rhodium Power website to know the exact worth of your desired motorcycle.

Our online valuation program is designed to provide a free and instant estimate of your dream motorcycle.

A personalized valuation certificate has your listings enclosed for a minimal fee.

Answering buyer inquires+

Don't disclose your personal details inadvertently. Avoid revealing banking information and other financial details through mails or over internet.

Pay attention when you are offered motorcycles more than their worth. Potential buyers might me tricked and asked to pay more in the name of shipping or custom duty.

At Rhodium Power, your privacy is secured. You are not required to enter your personal details anywhere and send your financial information through mails.


Evaluate the buyer by conducting inspection programs. It is a powerful tool to identify the legitimacy of buyers. Such meetings are recommended to be held at public locations for more security.

Inspection helps to sell your motorcycles with minimum setbacks and impediments. More accurate disclosure of information can be processed between the buyer and the seller.

Making a deal+

While negotiating both parties should take a win-win approach. A minimum amount can be set forth by the seller in accordance to the needs of buyers. The amount finalized should not be at the expense of sellers.

Ensure that you continue advertising your product till you receive the final amount from the purchaser.

The official documents of the motorcycle should be handed over only after the money has been transferred to your account.

Receiving payment+

Don’t get associated with money transfer technologies as it involves risks and uncertainty. Any of the alternative and secured payment options can be used for making payment like check conversion method, using credit cards or via e-checks and receiving the cash in person.

Verify the seller's legitimacy and make sure the amount is received to complete the transaction.

Receipt is underlying asset for both parties as it serves as proof and can be used for other purposes in future.

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