1. Not buying a motorcycle from Rhodium?

We offer a unique blend of financial services with secure advices and exclusive solutions. Providing flexible installments, attractive payback schemes and financial plans help you purchase your dream motorcycle or identify options for funding your new motorcycle. Our highly skilled expertise with their expert knowledge and experience in this domain, helps you choose the best deal with maximum returns.

2. Salvage motorcycles

We offer a wide spectrum of salvage motorcycles at reduced costs for our purchasers. You can buy the "rebuilt" motorcycles for a fraction of the total value and enjoy the best deal. We provide world's largest selection and category of motorcycles for sale. You can choose a motorcycle from our wide range of salvage motorcycles. These repairable motorcycles are available with us at highly competitive prices and 70% less than its market value.

3. Repossession

Here the motorcycles are seized from owners, on account of not making the payments on due dates. These repossessed motorcycles can be acquired without worrying about its performance and cost. Buyers can receive the greatest opportunity of riding on their favorite motorcycles at reduced costs and with some basic maintenance. These almost new motorcycles can be bought for 80% of its total market value.

4. Collision

We are widely acknowledged as collision repair specialists helping in mitigating damages caused to motorcycles. Our expert engineers efficiently rebuild the wrecked motorcycles to give a perfect and a new look. The purchaser can access repaired motorcycles and enjoy the financial benefits. motorcycles in state of collision are serviced and depreciated by 40% price. The damaged motorcycles are restored and offered at marginally lesser price for sale.

5. Clean Title

Clean title motorcycles considerably offer less depreciation than collision or salvage motorcycles because of its higher quality. These are used motorcycles with comparatively better standard in quality. It is most preferred by purchasers looking for used motorcycles and is consecutively auctioned at higher prices. We provide good quality motorcycles and offer 10% depreciation than its original value.

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