India Speed Week proposes to use the Behala Flying Club premises to host this 3 day festival of speed and use it’s runway to create the biggest drag race event in East India. Behala Flying Club Runway and Premises offer the safest and most controlled drag racing environment in a metro city like Kolkata. Public Roads, no matter how deserted or controlled can never match the safety, peace of mind and thrill of an airstrip.

The large Behala Flying Club campus can accommodate lot of visitors who can be active spectators of a rare automobile racing event. The premises is large enough for spectators to park their vehicles, racing teams to operate from, other entertainment sub events like rock shows etc and food services for spectators and patrons. Together with the event organisers, racing participants and teams, spectators and VIPs, the Behala Flying Club premises shall become a hub of national activity over the next 2 to 3 India Speed Week events ~ generating visibility, revenue and possibly, some more passenger traffic from helicopter services for AAI and West Bengal Government.

We're One Ride- We're One Ride aims to raise awareness and funds for the differently-abled or Superhumans as we call them. The team is dedicated to making life easier for the differently-abled by creating equal opportunities, empowering them and giving a voice to their cause. All said and done, 3rd December, 2016 is going to be epic. It is your chance to creating history. Don't miss out. Join the ride with #NoLabels#NoLimits

The Cause – Riding for the SuperhumansWe all have labels that we carry. Someone's called fat, someone a loser, someone a fatso, or someone something else. 10% of the world's population is called stupid words like "Handicapped", "Disabled", "Crippled" or "Retarded". But we believe they are all superhumans.India is riding for the #Superhumans on 3rd December 2016. Join or organize a ride in your city.

INDIA SUPERBIKE FESTIVAL (ISF) is India's original motorcycling festival, which introduced bikers to the concept of congregating together to display their passion and possession. India Superbike Festival is the only event that caters exclusively to the big bike community in India. A community that OVERDRIVE holds dear as the thought leaders when it comes to desirable motorcycles. And a community that says to the world that India is as modern in certain ways as any other place in the world. This year, the event returns with even bigger and better excitement than ever before.

With as many as 1000 big motorcycles expected to arrive, more activities, more shows, more food and most importantly, more friends to hang out with, bench race with and spend a motorcycle-fuelled weekend away from home. In the plan this time are activities like an off-road experience zone, more shops selling cool gear, more manufacturers on hand to show you their motorcycles, more places to go grab a cold one, a cinema theatre playing motorcycle movies, vintage bikes and more. In short, if you own a big bike, you cannot afford to miss the event. Registering for the event gives you front seats to India's top superbike event. The event will be held for 2 days dated December 10th & 11th of 2016.

Bengaluru Drag Fest 2016 - For the very first time a huge private airstrip at Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Ltd Hosur. 40kms from Bangalore will be used to conduct a National Level Drag Race event.

It is a legal event which will be held under FMSCI which is the governing body for Motorsports in India.

Around 600 participants from all over India, both cars and bikes are expected to compete in this event. The event will be held for 2 days dated May 28th & 29th of 2016.

Rhodium Power and Sky Motors are official super-bike partners

Festival Ad Ons: DJ Music, Food and Refreshment, Pit Girls, RC Car and RC Plane Shows, much more.....

Stay Tuned For More Updates on the Event...

VROOM is an International Drag Meet held for two days in a closed door arena in the heart of Bangalore city. A call to all drag race enthusiasts for the much awaited Drag Meet in Bangalore.

Governing Bodies include FMSCI and FIA. From modified Indian Cars, Indian Bikes to Supercars & Superbikes all gunning to set the best quarter mile timing. Over 500 Participants & 10000 spectators from across India (Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Gujarat, Delhi, Kolkata & other cities) to enter in this Federation Approved Motorsports event in Bangalore City. The Participants Lineup included performance upgraded vehicles like: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston, Nissan GTR, EVO, Porsche, Masserati etc. Be there or Be spared!

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